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Pre-qualified vs Pre-approved"

Many first-time borrowers confuse being "pre-qualified" with being "pre-approved". Pre-qualification is a pretty casual process, where a lender tells you how much money you can probably borrow based on how much money you make, how much debt you already have and how much cash you have for a down payment. This can even be done via internet, subject to the information you give your internet lender being true and accurate. Getting pre-approval, by contrast, is a much more rigorous process and involves actually applying for a loan. You typically submit tax returns, pay stubs and other information. The lender verifies the information and checks your credit. If all goes well, the lender agrees in writing to make the loan.

In a hot or even warm real estate market, the house hunter who is only pre-qualified is a cooked goose. Home sellers and their agents give much more weight to offers being made by buyers who already have a loan lined up. You may miss your opportunity for that home sweet home you hoped for by failure to plan ahead.

Also check out your FICO score before you even apply for a mortgage if your credit may be questionable. You can do this at for a fee of $ 14.95 which includes a copy of your credit report. This is how you look on paper.The higher the score the better chance of getting the loan and at a good interest rate.  Doing this at least 6 months in advance should give you plenty of time to challenge any errors on your report and ensure that they're removed by the time you are ready for a loan. You can also see the legitimate factors that are hurting your score and do something about them, such as paying off an overdue bill or paying down credit card debt.


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